Birthday Parties Reminders 


  1. Arrive no more then 15 minutes before the party. The staff will have everything set up for you

  2. Bring any food, drinks and cake. Also dont forget the candles and matches.

  3. Be sure all your guests bring their waivers if not we have extras.

  4. The first hour will be a structured party complete with warm-ups , gymnastics and games. We will gear the party to the age of the children. 

  5. You will have 45 minutes for refreshments and gifts. Childrends may return for open gym once the cake has been cut and serve or 25 minutes after the gymnastics portion ended. 

  6. Children may not go back into the gym without an instructor present 

  7. Remember there is another party immediately following your so please be ready to leave at the appropriate time. We ask that you respect this so all our gurst can enhjoy their special day.

  8. We ask that parents stay in the lobby area unless they have a child under 3 participating in the party.

  9. Parents of the birthday child go into the gym to take great pictures.

  10. At the end of the party our staff will give you your remaining  balance due. Feel Free to tip our great staff!